AUMERRY, writing a new history of China's textile industry with a new concept

The best way to achieve Industry 4.0 is to coordinate with the leading supplier strategy and market strategy to release the strength of the enterprise with a dual strategy and ensure the complementary benefits of the enterprise.

More leading supplier strategy

More leading market strategy

Next-generation automated warehouse

Stereo rationalization

Three-dimensional storage, the utilization of space as an important indicator of system rationality and advancement, save land, save energy, protect the environment ...

AUMERRY uses computer and barcode technology, uses first-class integrated logistics concepts, uses advanced control, communication and information technology, and performs product access operations through the coordinated operation of the above equipment.

Simplified operation

The ERP system, which integrates information technology and advanced management ideas, successfully docks with automated warehousing; it uses a shelf-pallet system, intelligent operation, convenient and reliable.

Brand-new European and American textiles have invested in rooftop distributed photovoltaic power plants

AUMERRY actively responds to the national ecological civilization construction, beautiful China construction, and energy conservation and emission reduction policies; photovoltaic power plants are of great significance to promote the optimization of energy structure, reduce carbon dioxide and dust particle emissions, and improve the environment.

The new AUMERRY textile, equipped with exhaust gas treatment environmental protection equipment

In response to the pollution of methanol, butanol, butanone, and dimethylformamide, AUMERRY is equipped with environmental protection equipment for exhaust gas treatment. The design scheme of water spray + wet and dry filter + microwave photocatalysis is used to greatly reduce environmental pollution.

With the development of information technology, the Internet and the Internet of Things technology, the physical world and the virtual network world are converging, which brings AUMERRY the opportunity to interconnect resources, information, objects and people, and establish a highly flexible personalized and digital enterprise model.

The overall advancement plan for Industry 4.0, AUMERRY integrates all existing technologies and innovations into a digital enterprise platform. The time, manpower, equipment and raw material resources consumed by design and production tasks are greatly reduced, and the production process is significantly optimized.